Monday, June 6, 2011


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15 min AMRAP:
5 burpees
10 Double Unders

Post rounds to comments.


"All CrossFit Affiliates Are Welcome" at Reebok CrossFit - video [wmv] [mov]


Ed said...

12 Rounds - Yay Bitsy!

Judy Ranelli said...

won't make it to bitsy tonight, gotta have a rest day.
enough of these 'b' numbers... lol

Amber said...

Well THAT went better than I expected!


Thanks, Dave, for tallying our rounds for us.

Cori said...

amber, you beat the double under king's original score! WOW! that's a tall order, paul!

Anonymous said...

Been following your site for a few weeks. My membership is running out at another box in town and i want to come check you guys out soon. After going through a lot of your wods, I noticed that you dont do many max effort days w/ oly lifts (ie. 5 rep max dead lift, 3 rep max push press etc.). Do you guys not ever do them or am I missing something? Thx!

Cori said...

hi anonymous! for the month of june, we are playing "BINGO." we have 100 wods in the hopper and the winner of that day's wod pulls out the next bingo ball (Example: B1 = Fran, B2 = Murph, B3 = Badger, etc all the way through O99. So we have all of the girls, a lot of hero wods, some Carport original wods and then about 10-15 max efforts in the hopper) so the programming for this month is a little different than usual as it is very random right now.

drew and amber do our programming, but i know that we typically have one max effort day once every week or two - whether that be a max lift, 5x5, or a heavy oly lift incorporated into a wod. they program on a mon-fri training schedule, with sat as a makeup day. i also know they are doing a programming schedule based on a really informative article in the cfjournal.

i think you should contact amber at to ask about their specific programming. she can give you a little more detailed info about how they schedule those type of training days. i don't want to give you any misleading info and i think you'd be able to ask specific questions. you sound like a seasoned cf'er so i think that you probably check out the mainsite on occassion. i'm sure you've noticed that even mainsite doesn't do max efforts once a week....but then again, sometimes we'll see max efforts several times in rapid succession.

i think you will find that our programming is constantly varied, and we do not shy away from any of the oly lifts in wods based on how technical a skill is. our philosophy is that everything can be scaled to fit the fitness level of each individual athlete. you will do all movements at carport.

we would love to have you!!!

Cori said...

also, i want to add that the games wods threw our programming a little off as well. each week, we would do that specific wod on thursday, and since a lot of our members were participating, the programming was structured around that.

if you go back to march/april, you will see some more max effort days than you will see in late april/may.

Cori said...

i totally forgot that rachel is also a double under master! we might have a show down tonight at the carport!

Anonymous said...

Oh I am going to bring my A-game! Paul, it's on! Lol!
~ Cheers!

Paul said...

23 rounds + 3 burpees

burpees felt like mush in the late rounds

Cori said...

17 rounds. and yes, i was moving through molasses on my burpees.
it was HOT!

Dave said...

19 rounds! On the mat in the heat!

Anonymous said...

21 rds z

Cori said...

good job zack!

alex said...

17 rds + 3 burpees.