Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rest Day x 2 or Do 2 W.O.D.s

CrossFit Birmingham hosted another pre-regional competition this afternoon. The first WOD was at Heardmont Park, then we moved to CF B'ham for the second WOD.

Heardmont Park
1:30pm WOD
For time:
400 Meter run, then
Three rounds -
7 Ground to overhead any way, 135lbs/95lbs
Run 200 meters
21 KB swings, 70lbs/53lbs
Run 200 meters

CrossFit Birmingham facility
3:30pm WOD
3 Minutes C2 Rowing, Max Calories
3 Minutes Rest
3 Minutes Max Reps Overhead Squats, 95lbs/65lbs
3 Minutes Rest
3 Minutes Max Reps Pull-ups, ONLY after completing 50 double unders first.


Carport Crossfit said...

WOD 1:
Drew 11:37 (1st place overall!)
Amber 14:41

WOD 2:
Drew 74/62/36=172
Amber 46/53/27=126

These WODs were really fun! AND... as a bonus, Christina taught us a new MUSCLE UP progression! Can't wait to teach it to you next week.

Dave said...

Ran a 5k yesterday morning. 21:30 but the course was 3.24 insteadof 3.1.Not real sure what happened to me Friday night but I did not finish Barbara. Got light headed and stomach was not feeling well.